Tin Oh Absolute Perfection 半永久化妆专用色素


Christine Oh

Christine Oh is a miracle worker in the business of beauty, who strives to help men and women to look their absolute best.

She has over 20 years experience in the beauty industry internationally, and specializes in semi permanent make up.

She is the Director of Training at IIPC, the Instructor Tinny Beauty School, and Exclusif Beaute Instructor Semi permanent make up, and micro pigmentation.

She works with plastic & reconstructive surgeon Edumund Kwan, MD.

As a leader in the field, she has shared her prestigious knowledge and skills with hundreds of students’ nation wide.

She is a true “Master of the Feathering make up technique”

Microneedle vs Microblade

Micro-Needleis a single micro point needle. Microblade(similar to a scalpel/ small blade,applies the color but creating small cuts to the skin. Similar to paper cuts.) Microneedle device allows the needle to apply the color one point at a time improving the precise distribution of color and application. Microneedle gives more control of the individual hair like strokes shape that is applied. It also causes less abrasion to absolute minimal to no bleeding. This process ensures absolute minimal to no scar tissue from forming. Reduce swelling, redness, irritation,infection, and skin peeling. Our Microneedle process also helps improve the quality of the skin.

*(Microneedle semi-permanent device and needle are specially made for semi-permanent treatments. Micro-Needle is different from regular tattoo needle and device.)

Have your eyebrows filled in for a natural look, get the perfect winged liner, or permanently plump up your lips with the perfect red. No matter what you choose,our semi-permanent makeup provides long lasting beauty in a better way.


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